Are security companies forgetting something? Observe, Report,.... SMILE!

My family's favorite fast food place is that restaurant with a chicken as a logo and a cow as a mascot. When we go there the food isn't the quality of a high-end restaurant (of course neither are their prices) but the quality of how you are treated is amazing! You can look up so many satire videos of their employees delivering babies, or changing your oil, etcetera. This is what is missing in the security industry.

As a young 23-year-old security professional in Afghanistan, I didn't grasp this concept while protecting US Gov Officials. My one and only concern was protecting their life. Yes, we were polite and professional but customer service was not a concern of mine. To give you an example while protecting a high-ranking Government official I had to inform the military advisor who was a Colonel in the US Army that his seat was in a less than the desired spot in the motorcade (the luggage van). We had a large roster of principles to protect and being the bearer of bad news to this high-ranking Army Officer was not a concern to me nor was ensuring he was comfortable. We were on a mission and that was that.

Fast forward over a decade later with a lot more experience I look at the current state of security and it is very much like that. Security Guards and Security Officers go to work, sit or stand in the corner to Observe and Report. They perform their task and do it well. However, something is missing.

It is that smile! The idea that Security is Customer Service. Not just catching the bad guy. But it is going that extra mile for the principles and EVEN the customers of your principles. If those customers who walk into a retail store are greeted with a genuine smile from a Security Athlete from Watchmen Solutions. In many other cases help point customers to what they are looking for in the store. They will feel more welcomed. If they feel welcomed they will spend more. If they spend more then that is just added value from us to the retail stores we service. It is a WIN-WIN! In two of our locations, we provide security for they have a customer counter at the threshold of the door. It is very important to me that our Security Athletes do what they can to avoid the counter to improve the stores selling ratio per customer. Even little things like this will go a long way. Does it have anything to do with Security... Nope... But it shows we respect the store and care about what they care about!

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Security Athlete taking a report from a resident!

Looking back I could have done more to make that Colonel's unpleasant seating arrangement more pleasant. Maybe take him to his vehicle, showed him who can help him with his luggage, given him some water, or simply smiled and greeted him with a great attitude. Customer Service is SECURITY! It will be our most valued asset against any digital platform. If you are looking for a Customer Service-based Security Company near Charlotte, NC then set up a booking HERE online TODAY!

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