5 Considerations When Buying Your First Self Defense Firearm

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

If you are new to firearms deciding what type of gun to buy can be a difficult decision. There is a lot of information out there. Some of it is great but most of it is filled with someone's opinion. It can be tough determining where to look and who to trust. I hope this article will guide you in the right direction without throwing in my own subjective opinion as many others do. 1: Purpose: What is the sole purpose of purchasing your first firearm? Is it purely for in the home only or do you plan on carrying your pistol every day (what is known at everyday carry or EDC)? If it is for in-home only consider something that is easy to use for any authorized mature individual in your home. For your everyday carry, the search is narrowed down to a pistol.

2: Budget: How much can you spend on buying your first gun? There are great options at various price points. I will say to a reasonable degree you will get what you pay for. With that, I'm not saying go buy a $3,000 Pistol. But on the other end of the spectrum DO NOT buy a $100 pistol that could be better suited as a throwing weapon. Find a reputable brand and most likely they will have great options at various prices. 3: How do you plan on carrying it and or storing it? There are multiple things to consider with how you want to carry the pistol and or store it. NC you can Open and Conceal Carry. If you open carry think about pistol retention. How easy do you want to be able to get that pistol with a huge BUT how secure do you want it to be, to prevent someone else from getting it? For conceal carry be mindful of the size of the gun and how much of the pistol is printing (the pistol outline through the clothing material) this varies depending on the persons' frame. Or if you want to carry in a purse be mindful of how you store to be as safe and secure as possible BUT accessible when needed. For in the home bottom line you want it out of reach from unauthorized individuals but accessible to authorized individuals. (I will touch on this on another day but if your children commit a crime with your firearm you will also be held liable.) Whether you use a safe, or not store out of reach from unauthorized individuals. 4: Level of Comfort: There are a lot of features in various firearms i.e. various safeties, different travel on the triggers. different trigger pulls, how it feels in the hands, sights, etc. As we narrow down what firearm will best fit your needs think about what features you are familiar with and also your personal level of comfort. If you are experienced you may be more comfortable with a lighter trigger pull but if you are nervous about carrying a firearm with a light trigger pull you can look at pistols that have various external safeties or pistols with heavy trigger pulls or longer travel. Think about how the gun feels in your hands. Make sure it fits right and is something you get comfortable with. You don't want something too bulky or too small. Think like Goldilocks you want it just right! 5: Ease of Operation and Maintenance: Test out the gun before you buy it. Most gun stores have MANY guns to rent and shoot for cheap ($10 on average)! Make sure it feels right and maximizes your effectiveness based on the purpose. While test firing we need to think about how well you can load and unload the magazine or cylinder, operating the slide, load and unload the magazine in the magazine well, recoil, and ability to maintain excellent follow-through for the next shot. Now you'll notice I included Maintenance with Ease of Operation. The reason for this is because maintenance involves the assembly and disassembly of the firearm. The more you understand how to assemble and disassemble your firearm the better you will understand how it works. If you are not sure how to assemble and disassemble your firearm when you purchase it seek a professional to help you. There are more factors to consider when deciding what firearm will work best for you. But this is a start! If you have any questions please email us at we'd love to help you out!

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