Cheap and Effective Ways to Protect Your Home!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

This seems crazy that a guy who is so passionate about firearms is writing about other ways to protect your home than a firearm! The truth is the greatest weapon in anyone’s arsenal is their mind.

I’m not going to go into how to set up booby traps or go home alone on individuals. We will dive into cheap and effective ways to protect your home regardless if you are home or on vacation.

First, you have to understand the mindset of a thief. Most of them will target what they perceive to be weak targets. They aren’t going after big money casinos, but they will hit convenience stores or banks. For cars, they will break into Honda Accords and not Bugatti Veyron's. The same is true for homes. They will target homes that appear easy to get in, grab what they can, and get out.

Secondly, North Carolina is MOSTLY a Castle Law State. A pure Castle Law state you can protect your property with deadly force (TV’s, vehicle, x-box etc.). In North Carolina, you can not do this. So what can we do to protect ourselves to prevent a thief from even attempting to come into our home? I’m going to show you effective measures and items that are under $100!


A home security system sticker or yard sign is a great deterrent against a thief. You don’t even need to have a system. Taking chances are all about risk vs reward. If the thief sees the sign he would much rather go down and find an easier target versus taking the risk to find out if you have a system or not. You can get ADT and other security brand stickers on HERE for under $15.


Do you have any windows that provide concealment and access to a thief? If you don’t have an alarm system set up on that window you can buy cheap sensors that are easy to install. They are annoyingly loud and will help in preventing a thief from breaking in! It will draw attention to that section of your house. You can find excellent window alarms ranging from $15 - $35 HERE


WI-FI-enabled camera doorbells are amazing. The quality of the camera will get you great video footage of individuals in view. While the more popular and known brands are in the $100 price range there are lesser-known brands with great reviews and quality HERE. Thieves are becoming more aware of camera doorbells and they are a great deterrent.

If these do not work and a criminal is making forced entry into your home and you are in fear of your life, you have the right to protect you and your family with deadly force. You can shoot through the door if you can prove before a jury of your peers you believed your life was in danger. Having said that you can not shoot at a thief if they have your possessions and are running away from you or heading outside. You can not perform citizen's arrest in North Carolina either. Know your laws, remember knowledge is power.

If you have any questions on other suggestions to protect your home email us at

If you would like to get your North Carolina concealed carry permit click HERE to sign up for your class!

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