Parking is the New Holstering

Dec 28, 2019, shots were fired outside Concord Mills Mall that ended up murdering an innocent 13-year-old girl and wounded 2 other teenage boys. Panic ensued as people were rushing towards their vehicles. I assume many are not as prepared to leave the scene as they would like to be. I see it all the time. People make it easy to park and harder to drive away. However, we want to be prepared for any and all situations. Carrying a firearm isn’t just about having a gun or in an unfortunate situation having to shoot someone to protect yourself or others. It needs to be a mindset. We should park the same way we holster a firearm. Ready to go. As we holster a gun it is slow and intentional. The situation has already been deemed safe (if your situation is not safe and you are out of ammo don’t holster your pistol, you now have a hammer). As hard as it may seem we should secure the scene even before rendering medical aid to the wounded. When parking your vehicle you should have the same mindset. There is no rush to put your vehicle in that parking spot (vehicle holster if you will). So reverse into your parking spot! Just like your firearm you want it ready and accessible when it is time to pull out of your parking spot. As we draw your weapon it is accessible and ready for you to grab and go. In the event, something happens like the unfortunate shooting at Concord Mills Mall and you need to escape with your family you want to be able to jump in and go. You don’t want to worry about looking over your shoulder or checking your blind spots. Just like drawing there are proper steps to getting in your vehicle and leaving. The 4 Step Vehicle Draw: 1: Close doors and lock your vehicle! 2: Seat belt 3: Turn the vehicle on. 4: Put it in Drive or 1st gear and GO! Remember, in NC Law you do not have a duty to retreat! However, if you can not use your firearm for various reasons i.e. (the threat is not in your immediate area, you have kids, a potential threat is possibly following you but has not used any force, etc..). Moments like this if you can leave then do so! But be prepared to do so at all times!

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