Security Done Well is Customer Service at it’s Finest

When you think of a security officer, what type of person comes to mind first? I’m willing to bet it is not a customer service specialist. If a Security Officer is doing their job right they are amazing customer service specialists! Afterall, the very first word in the job description is OBSERVE!

I served in the Marine Corps for 5 years. Over a year of that time I was part of a Scout Sniper Platoon. We always referred to ourselves as Trained Observers. As Trained Observers we learned a lot about observing our surroundings, and collecting information. The more contacts hours security officers have with each client the more information we are able to collect. While our Security Athletes are not conducting offensive or covert operations, they are trained observers and use that skill-set to help you in every way possible.

When a Watchmen Solutions Security Athlete is on duty that is exactly what they are doing, collecting information based on their observations. Overtime they will know their way around the store or know the best detour route for you to take to avoid the construction site. Security should be more than just catching the shoplifter or the vandal. Considering a higher percentage of those we encounter are amazing law abiding citizens it is a customer service industry.

Watchmen Solutions believes in providing amazing Security Solutions and an amazing Customer Service experience. We believe in helping you find that item in the store, providing the best detour route possible, and providing a great service with enthusiasm.

For Program Managers, Store Managers, and Property Managers if your experience with Security Officers in the Charlotte, NC area are ONLY providing a security service and not a Customer Service experience you are missing out! Customer Service focused Security Companies like Watchmen Solutions is a great way to boost your client’s experience. Feel free to connect with us and schedule an appointment if you are interested in learning how we can help!

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