Watchmen Solutions specializes in offering security guard services for residential properties, commercial properties, and venues. We offer customized plans to fit your needs. The Majority of our Security Athletes are US Military Veterans who have served our country and now want to protect and serve the local community with the same Integrity, Accuracy, and Vigor they had in the Military.   
Our aim for residential and commercial properties is to help maintain and improve property value by deterring, detecting, and denying criminal activity in your area. Watchmen Solutions maintains accountability with property managers with state of the art reporting software to provide real time daily reports. Saving property managers time so they can focus on other areas of responsibility. 
Our aim for venue security services is to provide the host with an amazing experience so they will not have to worry about the stress of potential threats. When it comes to our venue security services Watchmen Solutions provides a first ones there and last ones to leave to ensure the venue is safe from start to finish. Our Security Athletes are prepared to handle any situation from basic lifesaving skills to removing unauthorized personnel and everything in between. 
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